WAGY Podcast #91: E3 2017
It’s that time of year again Digital Buddies! E3 2017 is here so Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman are joined once again by their good friend Evan to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly that is E3. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, check them out on Facebook, and keep those questions coming! […]
CTTG #9: China Warrior
Of all the games I’ve played through on this TurboGrafx run, China Warrior is the game I am most satisfied in beating! Being a huge fan of this title since I was a kid, I was genuinely shocked to learn in the past year that China Warrior is generally met with disdain. This is one case where I think […]
WAGY Podcast #90: Vacation Games
Digital Buddies, have you noticed a trend in modern AAA gaming? Feels a little bit similar doesn’t? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This week, Evan Boynton joins Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman to discuss some games that are going against the standard industry tropes of making everything about shooting. Subscribe on...
CTTG #8: Takin’ It To The Hoop
For the eight game in my conquering, I had a strange urge to play Takin’ It To The Hoop. This basketball title is one of just two that made it onto the system (along with TV Sports Basketball). It provides a solid basketball experience with intuitive controls and everything you expect from your basic hoops experience. Past...
WAGY Podcast #89: Hiram wants Andrew to buy a New 2DS XL
As you Digital Buddies may have heard, Nintendo is releasing a new handheld, the ‘New 2DS XL’, and Andrew’s interest has peaked. Hiram managed to talk Andrew into buying a Wii U, but can lighting strike twice? Also, Hiram gives a shout-out to old friend. Enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, check...
CTTG #7: Vigilante
Up next in the conquering is Vigilante, just the 2nd game on this quest that I’d never played as a kid. I love playing these because Vigilante isn’t some unknown game. In fact, it’s one of the most well-known games on the TurboGrafx-16. Even gamers who’ve never owned the system could tell you that they remember...
WAGY Podcast #88: The Web Host and the Switch
John Blanco, (our pal and curator of jinjabobot.com) has finally had enough of the shit talking on Nintendo’s new console and had to make a debut on the WAGY Podcast. Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman are happy to oblige. In the longest podcast in WAGY history, where no subject is taboo, John hopes to bring a […]
CTTG #6: Battle Royale
It took me a little time to bounce back from the devastating events of J.J. and Jeff, but I’m back in the saddle with a return to a favorite game of mine, Battle Royale. I’ll start off by saying that Battle Royale is not a good game by any stretch of the imagination. Fundamentally a wrestling game, it has […]
WAGY Podcast #87: The Senator and the Switch
As you might have heard, Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman, called out The Senator to come back on the show and talk about his beef with the Nintendo Switch. The wait is over, Digital Buddies! The Senator @Mattz303, 5.4 Million, Almost Champion of Nintendo World Championship Qualifiers*, “I can’t believe I just paid $60 for...
The 3DS Will Be Replaced by the Switch…Just Not the Switch You’re Playing Today
There’s been a lot of discussion recently about what will become of the 3DS. According to Nintendo, the 3DS will continue on separate and apart from their new console, the Nintendo Switch. However, there’s a noticeable lack of 3DS hardware in stores and sales had already started to slide last year. There’s the other...
WAGY Podcast #86: More Guests!
Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman have 2 new guests this week – Matt from Arcade Cabinet and Evan from Earth. Or so he says, the jury is still out on whether or not he’s in fact actually from this planet… Either way, listen in as they talk about games they’re excited for, Nintendo Switch thoughts, […]
WAGY Podcast #85: The Mass Effect Series
Grab your coffee and a snack Digital Buddies, we’ve got another episode for you! This week, Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman are joined by returning guests, Matt Campbell and Jackson Sutliff, to discuss one of the best and most controversial series of this gaming generation. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast,...
CTTG #5: J.J. and Jeff
As the fifth game in my TurboGrafx-16 conquest, I was excited to play J.J. and Jeff. I really was. Yet, as it turns out, it was the game that broke my heart the most. You see, J.J. and Jeff is one of those games I had and played as a kid. In fact, I remember when […]
Wagy Podcast #84: Other Game Series
If you’ve listened to the show before Digital Buddies, you know that Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman have some personal favorite series in the gaming industry. Some of them you may have heard before, but what about the others? This week is all about niche series that boys enjoy! Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter […]
My First Two Weeks with the Switch
It’s been quiet here at Jinja Bobot since the Nintendo Switch was released on March 3rd. Overall, I’m blown away by the hybrid console and it’s probably on pace to becoming my favorite system of all time contingent on what the game library looks like over the next few years. I’d like to take some time today...
WAGY Podcast #83: State of the WAGY, March 2017
A quick episode for you, Digital Buddies! Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman sit down to discuss some upcoming ideas and WAGY projects that will be coming in the next few months. They also take a moment to clear something up about Nintendo’s Switch launch. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, check them out on...
CTTG #4: Davis Cup Tennis
For the fourth game in my TurboGrafx-16 conquest, I chose to go with Davis Cup Tennis, a sports game and one I never had or played back in the day. Boy, was that painful. There’s a lot of reasons why Davis Cup Tennis is a terrible game. Major reasons. Let’s go through them. A Tennis Game for […]
WAGY Podcast #82: Nintendo Switch and LoZ: Breath of the Wild Impressions
It’s FINALLY here, Digital Buddies! Breath of the Wild has released! Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman, sit down and discuss the very anticpatiied game for both of them. They also spend some time talking about Nintendo’s new hardware: The Switch. Did Zelda be all they wanted it to be? Did Hiram go through with the […]
Are Games Too Complex Or Am I Just An Old Gamer?
I’ve got some lawn chasin’, fist shakin’ things to say about a nasty little trend that seems to have gotten worst lately: Video games have gotten too complex for their own good. I’ve had a lot of complaints about where RPG’s have gone the last 5-10 years. I find that I love early RPG’s where […]
CTTG #3: Neutopia
Three games are now down as I’ve finally beaten Neutopia! This third game was also the longest, too, taking seven play sessions. Each of the first two games were beat in just one. Alas, being a Legend of Zelda clone, this was to be expected and ya know what? I liked Neutopia! It certainly beat my expectations. While […]