A Mint CIB Chrono Trigger is…Disappointing?

Reader, Matt Z., sent us a tale with a twist that left me quite aghast:

So I went into a Game Crazy many years back and checked out the SNES items on display at the counter. Holy crap! A Chrono Trigger in the box…MINT! Like, OMG Mint, too! In fact, it looks like it’s never been opened. Well, turns out, it was never opened…the guy at the register told me that he’d just removed the cellophane!

I told him I’ll take it. $24.99! This was many years back when a CIB was going for $300. Once I had the game in my hand I lectured the dude on how much of a dumbass he was. I told him a sealed Chrono Trigger was around $600+ and his lack of gaming knowledge should get him fired immediately! Walked out telling him he was a disgrace to gamers and game collectors.

Now, I wouldn’t advocate cursing out an employee that landed you such a great deal, but what a find!  Great games like this, in this condition, are a sight to behold!

So mint it looks like it just got unwrapped...and it was!

So mint it looks like it just got unwrapped…and it was!

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John Blanco is an avid game collector and loves to write about his hobby as much as he participates in it. He run the Denver Retro Gamers Facebook group in Denver, Colorado, and coordinates swap-style meetups with dozens of other collectors every couple of months.

3 thoughts on “A Mint CIB Chrono Trigger is…Disappointing?

  1. Wait. So if I am reading this correctly, he got a good deal, then cursed the employee for not being knowledgeable? Sounds to me like this person pretty much ruined it for anyone trying to land deals at that place after his score. =(

    That is an awesome deal, but berating the employee was a little over the top. That box is minty fresh tho!

  2. What an idiot. Games are better out of the packaging anyway. What the hell is the use of a game if it’s just sitting unopened? There is no use. It literally is just a block taking up space. I open almost everything I get. Doesn’t matter what the game is. The few sealed games that I have are duplicates of games I already have opened or loose.

    1. Certainly, having a sealed copy of something (you can’t play) is VERY different than an open one (you can play). One big difference is cost and ability to sell it. The other is, like you say, having a “trophy” of sorts to a favorite game of yours. I’d *love* to have a sealed NES Legend of Zelda…a trophy to my childhood! :-)

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