An Entire Collection in 3 Mystery Boxes

When Gaz saw a Craigslist ad for someone’s garage sale, he wrote them to ask about the “many video games” they eluded to in the description.  He didn’t hear anything back and three weeks ultimately passed before…surprise…the seller called him back!  The garage sale had been canceled and they invited him over to check out the games. The asking price was $250.

As Gaz explains:

He sent over a blurry photo, but I saw a Majora’s Mask and some other gems so I drove over to check it out. He was a cool dude, I talked him down a bit, and we both walked away happy. I was hoping there’d be better SNES games, but they’re all pretty common.

Three big bins of games, a buyer’s dream!  And what was in there?  How about Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance for Gamecube to start?  And that was just the beginning!  See all the pictures below!

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What an incredible haul!

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John Blanco is an avid game collector and loves to write about his hobby as much as he participates in it. He runs the Denver Retro Gamers and Denver Switch Mob Facebook groups in Denver, Colorado, and coordinates swap-style meetups with dozens of other collectors every couple of months.

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