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Bonus R.O.B. is the Best R.O.B.

It’s been a couple months since I scored anything on Craigslist. In fact, it’s gotten so bad I’m writing myself a little Android app to keep an eye on it for me!  I was just beginning to think it’d completely dried up when I checked this morning and found a beautiful NES bundle including a bunch of boxed games and the Deluxe Set box for $175!

Awwwwww, dangit! The post had been up for 10 whole hours. :-( That’s like a month in retro collecting time.

Cursing myself for not catching it the night before, I wrote anyway and offered the full amount and pickup any time. It wasn’t my best email and I presumed it was long gone already. The slightest shred of hope I had was dead when I hadn’t heard anything back for the next 7 hours.

Oh, well.

Then…coming so out of left field I’d almost forgotten about it, the seller replies to me saying yes, it’s still available. He gave me his cell number and I texted right away. (It was hard to hide the desperation.) Over the course of the next hour, I sealed the deal and was going to pick up three hours later. This has to be a joke. Even if it’s real, will he wait for me?! (The delay in picking up was due to the seller and definitely not on my part!)

As the time passed, all I could think about was one thing: is the R.O.B. included? In the ad, I could see the Deluxe Box, but he only had the console showing. My hope was that the description said “all original parts included” and the fact that he said he tested it when in fact the cords and controllers did not appear in the pictures either. Plus, everything seemed to be in great shape, so why would R.O.B. be missing? Yet…why wouldn’t he have taken a picture of that beloved robot? I was too afraid to ask lest he realize how valuable that robot is. It was worth it even without it, so I’ll just wait and see.

The time came, and show up he did. At first I was disappointed because he was carrying only the big box and nothing else. He said everything was in the box. (Crap, no inserts.) He said I could check it out first so I bring it to my car and drop it in and open it up. At the top is a ton of cords and I looked inside and I could see the game boxes behind them. He seemed like a trustworthy dude with his business clothes and fancy car, so I told him there was no need to pull it all out. It woulda gotten messy.

Besides…I could see R.O.B. in there looking back at me!

I paid him his asking price of $175 and worked so hard to hide my joy. I already have a R.O.B. but he’s a little weak and can’t lift the gyros. I keep him on my desk, my hobbled little friend, but I’m excited to test out the new one to see if it works better. On top of that, there were two extra games not listed and the boxed games are in really mint shape!

And best of all?  The R.O.B. visor came with it and it’s still sealed!

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