Capcom’s Mega Man Legacy Collection Packaging is a Joke

I grabbed the new 3DS Mega Man Legacy Collection bundle last week and some concerns I had about it were realized. Can you give me a few minutes to rage a little bit?



Because I think the packaging is a complete joke!

OK, before I rip into this thing, know that I am only talking about the packaging. The game itself it great! As an NES fanboy and a collector who still doesn’t own Mega Man 5 yet (nor have I ever played it), I’m loving that all six of these NES entries are available to play on my 3DS and in physical form. Even better, there is a way to turn off the “border” that I saw displayed behind the game (compensating for the 4:3 aspect ratio on the wider 3DS screen) in the early screenshots leading up to the release. It looked distracting, but you can set the background to black which is awesome. And a relief!

No, this rant is about the packaging. And heck, maybe you don’t care, but I really think you do, too. I’m specifically referring to the 3DS bundle that came with the gold Mega Man Amiibo, too. When it was announced, I was excited, but I was left hoping some of the concept art was being deceptive.

It wasn’t.

It was completely accurate.


This is what ya get. I cant tell if the Corel Draw-looking box art is intentionally bad or not.

First…the seal. This caught me off guard. The box is sealed as if it was done by one of those made-for-TV things. It not only looks awful, it’s done so forcefully that it wrecked the box. The sealing they did on the original NES games was better than this. Maybe it’s not a surprise, I’m sure they used a cheaper method, but come on. It looks amateur…plus, it’s deadly.

The seal was so strong it literally crushed in the box. When will manufacturers realize that Collector’s Editions are to be treated better than this?

Crushed box aside, the next thing you notice upon opening it is that it includes a set of postcards. Postcards? Alright, we know that none of us will actually use these as postcards. They’re just printing pictures on firm paper for us. Frankly, I won’t even unseal them. It just seems like a cheap add-in to me. Postcards are for vacation. This is a video game.

Now…the Amiibo. Where do I start? Well, it was clearly a lazy effort to make a gold version of the original Mega Man Amiibo mold. We’ve seen a gold Mario Amiibo as a Wal-Mart exclusive, but at least it was a duplicate of a second Mario Amiibo figure.  There’s only one Mega Man…and now there’s the same one in gold. It was the minimum work needed to bundle this with the game.


So, uh…that’s…nice?

Wait… did I say minimal work? Just look at the garbage it’s packaged in! It’s literally just white cardboard! What the heck? Honestly, the way Nintendo packaged the Animal Crossing Amiibo in Amiibo Festival was preferable to this. I could take those out of the plastic and use them then put them back in. This Mega Man is sealed and, yes, as a collector I don’t want to open it. Yet…white?? Why couldn’t they just put a gold hue on the original box art? Heck, just use the original! It’s so ugly. I keep it inside the crumpled box just to avoid looking at it.

Capcom also included stickers as well. I was upset when I couldn’t find them originally, but it turns out they put them in the 3DS case. I’m guessing this is so gamers who bought just the game only would also get them. That’s fine, but it was confusing. Also, there’s no manual. (It’s just an insert.) Not a surprise, but come on, think how cool it would have been to have a thick guide with all the original manuals re-printed! You know, the kind of thing you expect to be included in a “Legacy Collection,” right?


Ah, there are those stickers!

Finally, the pricing. Buying just the game will run you $30. The full bundle, though, is $50. That means you pay an extra $20 for the Amiibo and postcards along with the larger packaging (including crushy seal). That…that feels wrong to me because the Amiibo is missing the wonderful box art they usually come with and the postcards are, what, a buck to print? If that? That leaves the box and most copies were left partially crushed.  I can justify a $10 premium, but $20?


For that price, I expect the original re-printed manuals rather than a set of post cards and some new Amiibo box art along with better box art for the bundle as a whole. Why not replicate the corny-good Mega Man box art? That’d been sweet! Alas…

Well, thanks for letting me vent there. At least I have a fantastic set of games to play.

Next time, Capcom, do better than this. You took advantage of a market eager to shell over cash to buy yet another Mega Man anthology and squeezed out every penny you could by being cheap about how you made it. You muddy up your own brand when you could’ve reinforced it with something great.

Be ashamed of this effort. Be ashamed.

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