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Cedric is a 9-year-old game reviewer who’s been playing both retro and modern fare for the last 5 years. He started on an NES until the day the SNES came out (for him, anyway)! He’s done Atari, loves the Gamecube, cut his teeth on the Wii, and plays the devil out of his 3DS and the Wii U! He’s even branched into PC gaming this year. His favorite game series’ are Minecraft and Pokemon. Since he’s only allowed to play kid-friendly games, he’ll be providing Jinja Bobot with spot-on reviews that can help you figure out what games cut the mustard for your kids!

Hi, Cedric! Tell me, what’s your favorite game ever?

My favorite game is Minecraaaaaaft. It’s my favorite of all time because you can build things and there’s sooo much to do. It never gets boring! And then, once you feel like it’s starting to get stale, you can get these things called mods where it adds to your Minecraft kinda like Pixelmon where you add Pokemon to Minecraft. And you have to throw a Pokeball to catch it, but not always. And then when you hear this DING sound that means you caught it!

Sounds like fun…when was the first time you played Minecraft?

I’m not sure. Um, probably think when I was 3. (Editor’s Note: This is totally not true.) When I first played it I wasn’t interested in it, but as I got older I noticed it was really fun. I loved the game, and probably nobody could stop me. I started on the iPad, that’s what I know. Afterwards, I played the Wii U version and the computer. The computer version I got a mod on which is Pixelmon.

What kinds of things do you like to do in Minecraft?

I love to build things and a tip in Survival Mode is to always build a house before night.  Before I go on, always remember to get food in Minecraft. I like to build all kinds of giant statues and houses and all sorts of new stuff and get mods and skins. I also never hack into anyone’s account. (Good to know.) Always be good in Minecraft. Have good sportsmanship and always have fun when you travel! And my favorite part of traveling is when I find rare temples like a jungle temple and a desert temple and a cave. I can also find villages.

In Pixelmon, it’s one of my favorite games because sometimes when you arrive at a village there can be a gym or a healing place. I also like to travel because there’s a ghost tower and you can find ghost-type Pokemon. At night you can see lots of Golbats and Zubats.

Do you like the retro graphical style of Minecraft?

Yes, I do because it’s used for blocks and it’s kind of like building blocks because you can use them to build things and you can also create whatever you want and nobody can stop you!

Do you play with other people?

I play with my brother and sister on the iPad but not so much on the computer or Wii U. On the computer sometimes I do when I get on other things (servers) but not on the Wii U. It’s kinda fun, the people there kinda hit each other and that’s what I don’t like about it because everyone treats it like they should just smack each other in the face.

I think I know the answer to this one, but would you recommend this game to other kids your age?

Well yes, but one part about it is that maybe they shouldn’t join other people who play multiplayer who like to attack each other. Otherwise, it would be great to have other people play it! Kids my age should have a good time playing Minecraft without getting hurt!

What would you rate this game from a 1-10 where 10 is the best?

I would rate it at a 10 for the best because Minecraft is my favorite game and no one can stop me.

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