I’m Going To Conquer Every TurboGrafx-16 Game They Ever Made

Back in 1989, I saved up all the money I could to buy a TurboGrafx-16. To this day, I can’t recall where I saw it advertised or what really got me excited about it, but I do know that I was in love with the sleek appearance of it! On the day I’d gotten all my money together and went with my mom to the store to buy it, at the very last second, she told me not to buy it and that she would get it for my birthday…two weeks later.

So I bought a high-performance, remote controlled car instead.

Anti-climactic, I know.

Then on my birthday, November 10th, 1989, I finally became a TurboGrafx-16 owner! I popped in the pack-in game,  Keith Courage in Alpha Zones, and smugly played my superior system. Oh boy, my friends were gonna be jealous of me! My brother was all like, “These are the graphics?” while I played the first stage but I simply smirked and said, “You’ll see.” Then BOOM…you transform into that super crazy Keith Courage robot guy and oh my goooooosssshhhh the sprites are so big and the music is so good and yeahhhhhh…how bad ass am I now?!

Maybe not so much looking back at it now. But still.

There were lots of games I would bought and played for so many hours, too. My favorites were Legendary Axe, Double Dungeons, Tricky Kick, World Class Baseball (which is still the best baseball game ever made) and of course Splatterhouse. I sold my Super Nintendo and for a year or so my video game world was only this. I didn’t beat any of these games, mind you…I was only 13 and, despite loving these games so much, I wasn’t an accomplished and patient enough player to finish them back then.

And now it’s time for that to change.

I’ve broken out my system, amassed a decent amount of games, and starting soon I will conquer every TurboGrafx-16 game made in North America. This won’t be easy for a couple reasons. First, some of them are very hard to get through. I’ve played Legendary Axe off and on for the last 25 years and have never beaten it. Double Dungeons is a mind-numbing jaunt through mazes with scenery that looks the same throughout, so it’s hard to see it all the way through. Secondly, many TG-16 games are simply very expensive and that’s not even considering Magical Chase.

But, I have about 30 games to start off with and an appetite to get the rest of them as I go. I can’t wait to finally beat the Bonk’s Adventure games and play Neutopia! Oh, and Dungeon Explorer, that’s gonna be so much fun. When should I play that one?!

Initially, I am only attempting to beat the 94 HuCard games and not any of the CD titles. Oddly enough, I’ve never once played a CD game as I’ve never owned the TurboGrafx CD in my life. I would like to make a go at it, but that will have to be planned down the road.

Also, a quick note about my TG-16 system. Sadly, it’s not the one I owned as a kid. I had a penchant for selling (rather cheaply) my old games and systems whenever I got new ones. I regret that, but a lot of us are guilty of this sin. In fact, I didn’t just sell my childhood system, about 12 years ago I’d bought a TurboDuo (at the time thinking it was just a TG-16 knockoff) and then sold that just a couple months later along with all my childhood games which I’d still owned at the time. Suffice to say, those games are much pricier now than they were 12 years ago. (And I still feel sick every time I think about it.)


Anyway, the system I have now is one I bought from a collector friend who was clearing room and found a good home for his TG-16 in me. The whole package is so clean I just love it, and it will be my sidekick on this journey!

Let's do this, little TG-16!

Let’s do this, little TG-16!

So, what game will I start with? Well, about a year ago I made an attempt at beating every NES game but ultimately the library was too big and I got too intimidated and quit the attempt 30 games in. (I did beat Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles before I stopped, so yeah…that was awesome.) However, I’d decided to start with the game that kicked Nintendo off: Super Mario Bros. Therefore, it’s a very easy decision on what to start this TurboGrafx-16 run with.

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones!

Stay tuned to Jinja Bobot for updates on my journey through the TurboGrafx-16 landscape…it starts soon…

Update: The conquering has begun. Follow me on Twitch to keep up! As I finish each game I’m writing up a little review. Here are the games that have been completed and what’s next:

  1. Keith Courage in Alpha Zones
  2. Splatterhouse
  3. Neutopia
  4. Davis Cup Tennis
  5. JJ and Jeff
  6. Battle Royale
  7. Vigilante
  8. Takin’ It To The Hoop
  9. China Warrior
  10. Alien Crush

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