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Just Dance is a popular games series developed by Ubisoft that you probably didn’t expect to be the topic of a piece on Jinja Bobot…but, well, here we are.  If you don’t play it, you might be surprised to find out that it’s not just a favorite amongst kids or teenage girls.

Yes, I play Just Dance and I love it!

There’s a few reasons that I do.  First, I love music and Just Dance is a great way to get exposed to some different genres you might not normally hear.  I’m actually a huge fan of Dance Dance Revolution as well and, boy oh boy, did I fall in love with J-Pop playing those games!

Ultimately, the big reason I play Just Dance, and these other dance games, is simple…exercise!  I can get a 20-30 minute workout in while jamming to some fun music all while playing a video game! The best part is that my wife and kids often join in, too, and it just makes getting in shape much more fun.

So let’s do a Top 10!

This list is not only targeted at experienced Just Dance players but those of you who might be swayed into giving it a try.  These are my favorite songs to dance to and I hope it will help you get a feel for the game at its best.

How did I decide what my ten favorites are?  Well, I tend to favor songs that are upbeat over the slower dances.  I mean, who wants to dance to “Careless Whisper?” Also, I get into things a lot more when the dancer on screen is authentically having a great time and getting into it, too.  It gets me into it.

I’m going to limit the song selections to the most recent three Just Dance releases: 4, 2014, and 2015. (Yes, they recently changed their numbering system from versions to years.)  The dance videos have improved each year and so the last few look especially fantastic.  It also helps that they are the only HD versions available for Nintendo consoles. (Sorry, Wii.)

By the by, Just Dance 2015 is my personal favorite in the series (as you’ll soon see), so if you’re looking for the best way to jump in to the fray then that’s the one I recommend.

Well, here we go…my top 10 favorite Just Dance songs to dance to…!

10. “Get Low” by Dillon Francis & DJ Snake (JD 2015)

The first track on this list is one you want to pump the music loud for.  A great 2-player song with lots of physical interaction.  It can be a little tough on the knees, so you’ll want to modify it if a lot of crouching isn’t for you.  Play it early on, too, as it’s a real bruiser.  I prefer the male dancer on the right as I like his moves better, but both are fine to choose.

9.“Nitro Bot” by Sentai Express (JD 2014)

This anime-inspired video is a favorite of mine to play when I need a little bit of a break, and I always (always!) play the femme bot.  I just love staring into her eyes and her routine is much more fun. The male dancer looks too stiff and uncomfortable to groove to in my opinion.  Great song!

8. “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” by Ylvis (JD 2015)

I’ve always felt that this silly song was actually among the best songs I’d heard in 2014.  It’s simply impossible not to bob your head to it and, of course, it makes for a great Just Dance track!  If you’re looking for a tougher workout, choose the Fox on this one, but most of the time I pick the female backup dancer on the right.  There’s lots of repeat moves so it’s an easy one to memorize.

7.  “Tetris” by Dancing Bros. (JD 2015)

If this list was about my favorite songs, the “Tetris” track wouldn’t even crack the Top 20!  However, it’s about the dancing and this one is a blast to play with friends or family!  Not only is it a creative dance interpretation of the game, the orange player will spend some time being lifted up by the others! Such a fun dance!  I tend to favor the turquoise dude as he’s the main lifter and I’m the strong-man of the family. (HA!)

6. “Follow The Leader” by Jennifer Lopez (JD 2014)

I was a little iffy on this one, but it appears at #6 nonetheless.  I played Just Dance 2014 a ton of times before I even tried this one on a fluke.  It’s now my second favorite song in the game!  This one is fantastic if you’re into latin music.  The only hesitation is it’s very female-oriented. If you’re a male, modify it a bit so you’re not flailing your hips around like an idiot. (Clue in on the male dancers in the back for some hints.) The chorus is really fun here with the little hops you have to do. Definitely turn the volume way up!

5. “Die Young” by Kesha (JD 4 and 2015)

Confession time: I like Kesha. No, no, I’m just kidding, I don’t like Kesha…I fucking love Kesha!  The first of two of her songs that appear on this list is available in multiple versions of the game as DLC and it’s well worth buying it.  This is one of my favorite tracks because the dance is easy to memorize (a big deal for me) and it’s a good aerobic workout.  I always pick the girl on the right.  She’s just more my type and she seems to be having a total blast with this song.  Love it!

4. “Rock & Roll (Will Take You The Mountain)” by Skrillex (JD 4)

I’ve never been overly impressed with Just Dance 4 in all honestly.  It’s not that it’s done badly, it just really doesn’t have my kinds of songs to groove to.  This Skrillex selection, however, is a wild exception.  Holy crap!  The big draw here is the dancer who does a mind-boggling routine, and the visual presentation is incredible!  Ubisoft went way out of their way on this one.  On top of it all, when the laser show kicks in (at 0:55 in the video below), I can’t describe how much fun those moves are to pull off.  Just so refreshingly different from everything else.  Pump up the volume for this one…I loves me some dub-step.

3. “C’mon” by Kesha (JD 2014)

Oh, hell yes, some more Kesha!  This track is the best Kesha there is in the entire Just Dance series. Not only is the song super fun, but there’s a freaking panda on the dance floor!  I generally choose the dancer with the cat ears because, in my head, she is Kesha. The moves are similar for both characters, though.  Keep in mind that the female dancer jumps on the panda at some point.  You gotta play this song…c’mon, c’mon, C’MOOOONNN!!

2. “4×4” by Miley Cyrus (JD 2015)

As much as I love Kesha, I cannot stand Miley Cyrus.  I don’t like her whole stick-out-her-tongue act and it’s gross how she’s so intentionally trying to shed her older Disney image.  I don’t like her music, I don’t like the Wrecking Ball video, I don’t like anything about her.

Except 4×4.

This. THIS!  This is the funnest, bestest, greatest song to dance to in the entire Just Dance series by a landslide.  There’s four individual dancers, all with different styles: pick one of the costumed characters for something easier or choose “Gumby Girl” (the female dancer in blue) if you want to contort your body in some strange ways.  There’s also a lot of physical interaction and line-dancing, so if you want your date to ride you like a horse than choose one of the dancers on the ends!

I prefer the unicorn dude for his male moves.  Plus, he leads the conga line.  That and my wife rides me like the afore-mentioned horse. (Wink!)

1. “Built For This” by Becky G (JD 2015)

Turn the volume up to 11.  Crank up the bass.  Are you built for this?  You better be.

While the best dancing goes to #2 on this list, it’s not #1 because “Built For This” is the best song in the Just Dance series. Period.  When this jam comes on, the surround sound is pumping at my house!  This song is absolutely intoxicating, and comes from a pretty obscure, young female singer named Becky G. The video is largely based on the real one (though it’s much better), and the dancer here just looks like she’s having an absolute fucking blast…so I do, too!  We even see her from multiple angles during the chorus. The dance moves are easy and fun to do…it’s just a great, great time.

I will usually play this one twice if I can each time I’m playing Just Dance 2015. It’s that good.  And did I mention turning up the volume as high as it will go?!

What are YOUR favorite Just Dance tracks?  Comment below and let us know!

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