This week Digital Buddies, Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman answer your twitter questions and go over a few things they’ve played this month. Okay, now that’s over we are gonna talk about DOOM!!! DOOM IS BACK BABY. DOOM IS BACK AND IT KICKS ASS. IT’S SO GOOD YOU GUYS. JUST GO BUY IT. BUY IT […]
I Regret Not Finishing Bravely Default
CAUTION: This article contains spoilers. If you’ve never completely played through Bravely Default, you’ve been warned. Today, I want to tell you a story about Bravely Default. And no, not the new sequel, End Layer, but the first one. Just over 2 years ago, Square Enix released Bravely Default in North America (a Nintendo...
WAGY Podcast: May 2016 SOTW Address.
Andrew Counterman sits down and gives everyone a quick, “State of the WAGY”, address for May 2016. Just a quick update for all of our faithful Digital Buddies to let everyone know what’s going on with the show. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, check them out on Facebook, and keep those questions...
WAGY Podcast #61: NX Announcement Discussion
When some big Nintendo news happens, you can bet Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman will have plenty to say about it. This week they answer your questions on Social Media and have a discussion about the future of Nintendo’s new console and maybe video gaming in general? Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, check...
Gaming’s Best and Worst Hardware Quirks You May Not Have Known About
We’ve seen 40 years of home gaming hardware and, with each new system, there’s always some wrinkle of innovation to discover. Sometimes, those innovations are obvious and ingenius such as Sony’s Dual Shock controller design. (It’s still incredible to think that it was a controller evolution and not part of the...
What Does Today’s NX News Mean for Nintendo?
Today, we all woke up to an avalanche of news from Nintendo, among it being that the Nintendo NX will be released in March 2017. This is both exciting and shocking at the same time. It’s real. And…IT’S REAL! Let’s break down all the news and what this means over the next 11 months. The NX is […]
WAGY Podcast #60: Do A Barrel Roll!
Star Fox Zero has finally come out, digital buddies! Was it worth the wait? Have the negative reviews been correct? Or is this the greatest Star Fox game ever made? Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman discuss their thoughts and much more! Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, check them out on Facebook, and keep those...
WAGY Podcast #59: Fallout 4 Tips
At the request of listener on Facebook, this week Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman put on their “Newsman Fedoras” and give you advice on playing Fallout 4. Grab a Nuka Cola and fire up your PipBoys, Digital Buddies. Time for the WAGY Podcast to jump back into the Wasteland. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter […]
WAGY Podcast #58: Difficulty in Video Games
Matt Campbell (or as you know him @mccj713) returns! This week, he and Andrew Counterman sit down and talk about the easing difficulty in most modern video games. You might be surprised with some of their pros and cons. They also discuss your Twitter questions and more on this special episode of the WAGY Podcast. […]
WAGY Podcast #57: Miitomo Impressions
Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman are back this week to talk about Nintendo’s new social platform. One of them is super into it, and I bet you guess which one. Get the band back together, grab a big bucket of salty and buttery popcorn, and kick your feet up for this week’s show Digital Buddies! […]
Nintendo Should Up Price on NX; Go Full Retro
We’re hearing a lot of Nintendo NX rumors lately. A lot of rumors. I mean, a LOT OF RUMORS. Much of it’s merely speculation such as “It will be as powerful as a PS4.” No, really? They’re going to make it as powerful as a 2+ year old console? No kidding? Personally, I think aside […]
WAGY Podcast #56: All By Myself ♫
Due to saving the world and rescuing the princess in the process, Andrew Counterman was unable to record this week. Not to worry, Hiram Yates is really good at talking to himself! From Facebook comments to Twitter questions, he does his best to keep it short but sweet! Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, […]
I love my new Triforce DS Lite! (Except That It’s Totally Counterfeit.)
I’m a huge 3DS fan…in fact, I love the system so much I’ve bought several different models. To help fund my habit, I’ve ended up selling almost all of my original DS’s and DS Lite’s. So, when I decided I wanted to finally play through Chrono Trigger and play the DS version, I decided what better way...
WAGY Podcast #55: Playstation VR Announcement
Do you still have your red and blue 3-D glasses? This would be the time to put them on. Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman heard about the Playstation VR announcement and they’re gonna talk some virtual reality this week. They also discuss a few rumors floating around the gaming world and answer your questions from […]
WAGY Podcast #54: Hiram’s Steam Controller Impressions
Andrew FINALLY brought his Steam Controller by Hiram’s house so he could try it out. Did he love it or hate it? Tune in to this week’s episode to hear his impressions of the controller as well as a discussion on games that were disappointing and more! Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, check […]
WAGY Podcast #53: March 2016 Nintendo Direct Impressions
It’s a packed show this week Digital Buddies. First off, Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman weren’t too impressed with the latest Nintendo Direct, but that doesn’t they don’t have a lot to say about it. Also as a bonus in this episode, the elusive Mattz303 from Hyperspace resurfaces. Subscribe on iTunes, follow on...
Nintendo’s Link Is Now on Google Maps!
A nice little surprise this morning, as tweeted by Nintendo, is that Link is now starring on Google Maps. Instead of the “yellow guy” everyone is accustomed to, drag a rag-doll Link around to get a closer look at the streets. Link will remain for 5 days, but Google…how about keeping him forever?
Capcom’s Mega Man Legacy Collection Packaging is a Joke
I grabbed the new 3DS Mega Man Legacy Collection bundle last week and some concerns I had about it were realized. Can you give me a few minutes to rage a little bit? Cool. Thanks. Because I think the packaging is a complete joke! OK, before I rip into this thing, know that I am […]
Way back in episode 36 we had Tony Johnson on as a a guest where we discussed our love of arcade games and he talked about how it has been his lifelong dream to open his own arcade! Well, not long later, his dreams have come true! He has partnered up with some of his […]
Would you Believe That These NES Games Misspelled Their Own Names?
Video games have mistakes. Lots of mistakes. I’m not just talking bugs here. Bugs happen. No, I’m referring to mistakes in production. Remember being a kid and reading about the Pols Voice in The Legend of Zelda? This enemy, it was told, had a weak point: loud noise. We tried to use our sword and items to expose […]