Some Hardware Know-How Nets a Nintendo 3DS for $25

Hiram Y. scored a 3DS from Craigslist for $25. How? It was sold in a broken state and Hiram has experience fixing hardware like this.  He explains:

The guy was “selling it for parts” since one of the charging pins in the charging port had broken off. Knowing that the charging dock didn’t use the port, I took a chance. After buying a dock on Amazon for $5 I had a perfectly working 3DS for $30…

It’s a little beat up but other than a few scuffs on the outside there’s nothing else wrong with it!

It’s getting harder and harder to find great deals online, but learning how to get around hardware issues, or fix them, can be of great benefit obviously!

The busted port on the 3DS. But there's ways around it...

The busted port on the 3DS. But there’s ways around it…

A working 3DS!

A working 3DS!

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One thought on “Some Hardware Know-How Nets a Nintendo 3DS for $25

  1. I envy people who have skills like Hiram. If something is broken, I don’t bother trying to buy it. I am sure if I had this skill, I’d be on the prowl for cheap consoles, especially on eBay. Maybe it’s time to learn =) Another excellent article. I am officially a fanboy of this site.

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