The Day the NES Launched on October 18th, 1985
It’s October 18th, 1985, on a chilly Autumn day in Manhattan, New York City. The mid-80’s made for an interesting time to release a video game console because there’s nothing purposeful about the date at all. Back in those days, to sell a console, Nintendo had to convince retailers to display their product in store...
We call ourselves retro game collectors, but what is it that we’re really collecting? With the exception of just a couple of adventurous people I know, nobody collects everything. Aside from the fact that it’s next to impossible financially, it’s too overwhelming to expand our sights to…everything....
WHICH IS BEST? Ranking the Mega Man Games on NES
A few months ago, I got the Mega Man Legacy Collection (the one with the shoddy packaging), and for the past few weeks I’ve finally gotten to playing them all consecutively. If I recall correctly, I played the original Mega Man and quite possibly that was it until a few years ago. That’s when I bought […]
Would you Believe That These NES Games Misspelled Their Own Names?
Video games have mistakes. Lots of mistakes. I’m not just talking bugs here. Bugs happen. No, I’m referring to mistakes in production. Remember being a kid and reading about the Pols Voice in The Legend of Zelda? This enemy, it was told, had a weak point: loud noise. We tried to use our sword and items to expose […]
Bonus R.O.B. is the Best R.O.B.
It’s been a couple months since I scored anything on Craigslist. In fact, it’s gotten so bad I’m writing myself a little Android app to keep an eye on it for me!  I was just beginning to think it’d completely dried up when I checked this morning and found a beautiful NES bundle including a […]
Why Does the NES Turn On and Off When a Game Doesn’t Work?
We’ve all been there when it comes time to play a game on our NES.  You pull the game off your shelf, maybe shake it a bit to loosen the dust.  I’ll always go with the proactive blowout next because you just know it will come to that eventually.  Even better, add in a vibrating taunt while […]
How Zero-Sum Game Collecting Got Me All This For Free
As a collector, the most important part of any deal is the price.  Yeah, we all want a copy of Little Samson and may never find it at a local garage sale, but this isn’t 1995 anymore.  There’s eBay.  Everything is on eBay!  In fact, if I want to buy Little Samson right now I only need […]
Super Mario Bros. 3 Had a Label Variation
There were very few games that had label variations in the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The most notable ones have always been the Red-Label Blades of Steel and Yellow-Label Metroid which saw re-releases and have easy-to-see differences.  Less common are the re-released versions of The Legend of Zelda and Adventure of...
Nintendo Circuit Board Secrets
As gamers, we love collecting the classics. The games that came out for Atari 2600 were all about high scores.  Very rarely did you play one to beat like with Adventure, Indiana Jones, or E.T..  It was usually a 5-minute affair where you tried to rack up the most amount of points you could before you inevitably were killed....
Why You’ll Never Be Able to Collect Every NES Game
If you’re in your 30’s or early 40’s, chances are that you grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System, the beloved first console released by Nintendo.  It’s, in a word, classic.  And now that you’re a full-fledged adult with a bunch of disposable income to drop on old video games, you probably...