The League (5 Seasons)

The League is a hilarious and raunchy comedy from FXX and has its first 5 seasons on NetFlix. The show revolves around a fantasy football league and its members’ other-worldly desire to win it each season and capture the illustrious champions’ trophy, The Shiva.

The leading cast is wonderful, led by Mark Duplass whose cameos on The Mindy Project are in such direct opposition to his character on this show that it’s unnerving.  His real-life wife, Katie Aselton, who actually plays his friend’s wife, does a great job counterbalancing a series that is overwhelmingly dripping in derogatory male humor.  At times things can get too overwhelming, but really the only problem you might have is that the humor is so uproarious that other comedies might start feeling tame to you. (I had this happen when I watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as well.)

Also starring in this show is Nick Kroll who now stars in his own series, The Kroll Show.  If the lead cast isn’t enough, wait until you meet Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas) in Season 2.  His role starts small but grows bigger in later seasons and, my lord, you’ve never met anyone like him!

The League is the pinnacle of comedy excellence and if you’re a sports fan you must make sure to catch the whole series and all of the football cameos that come with it.  You won’t leave disappointed!

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