You Won’t Believe How Beautiful a Full Wii Collection Looks!
I’ve always regarded Wii game collecting as an ugly venture because of the stark-white cases and lack of color it adds to a game room. (Though it’s still better than the putrid appearance of a full PS1 collection.) I was proven wrong by Reddit member NintendoTwizer who not only collects for the Wii but actually completed...
We call ourselves retro game collectors, but what is it that we’re really collecting? With the exception of just a couple of adventurous people I know, nobody collects everything. Aside from the fact that it’s next to impossible financially, it’s too overwhelming to expand our sights to…everything....
Buried Treasure! (Literally.)
It’s garage sale season and I’ve been hitting them more than ever lately. Craigslist has been drying up lately here in the Denver market, so garage sales are becoming the last bastion of retro game collecting. Specifically…community sales. Since I’ve got limited time and a wheelbarrow-full of kids, I can’t...
Hawkeye Keeps an Eye on Craigslist So You Don’t Have To!
Hawkeye is a new app for Android devices that can keep an eye on Craigslist for you so you don’t have to. This is awesome for retro collectors like myself as I spent too much of my day running searches every 15 minutes. Now, instead of having to read through search results, Hawkeye will notify you when […]
I love my new Triforce DS Lite! (Except That It’s Totally Counterfeit.)
I’m a huge 3DS fan…in fact, I love the system so much I’ve bought several different models. To help fund my habit, I’ve ended up selling almost all of my original DS’s and DS Lite’s. So, when I decided I wanted to finally play through Chrono Trigger and play the DS version, I decided what better way...
Bonus R.O.B. is the Best R.O.B.
It’s been a couple months since I scored anything on Craigslist. In fact, it’s gotten so bad I’m writing myself a little Android app to keep an eye on it for me!  I was just beginning to think it’d completely dried up when I checked this morning and found a beautiful NES bundle including a […]
How Zero-Sum Game Collecting Got Me All This For Free
As a collector, the most important part of any deal is the price.  Yeah, we all want a copy of Little Samson and may never find it at a local garage sale, but this isn’t 1995 anymore.  There’s eBay.  Everything is on eBay!  In fact, if I want to buy Little Samson right now I only need […]
Why Are There Two Different SNES Cartridge Styles?
A couple of years ago I was browsing on eBay and I ran into an SNES game listing that left me perplexed as to whether the game was American or foreign. After a few minutes of research, I confirmed that the game was indeed American but I was a bit flabbergasted.  How was I so confused about […]
Super Mario Bros. 3 Had a Label Variation
There were very few games that had label variations in the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System.  The most notable ones have always been the Red-Label Blades of Steel and Yellow-Label Metroid which saw re-releases and have easy-to-see differences.  Less common are the re-released versions of The Legend of Zelda and Adventure of...
An Entire Collection in 3 Mystery Boxes
When Gaz saw a Craigslist ad for someone’s garage sale, he wrote them to ask about the “many video games” they eluded to in the description.  He didn’t hear anything back and three weeks ultimately passed before…surprise…the seller called him back!  The garage sale had been canceled and they...
Identify The Games #2: Video Store Gems!
A couple of days ago, Canadian comedy group The Arrogant Worms posted a photo of themselves performing in a local video store back in 1999.  I love the band, but what captured my attention is what was on the shelves behind them. As this was 1999, the N64 was the current-gen Nintendo console. What games can […]
Identify The Games #1: Dark Craigslist Post
Let’s have some fun.  This is a lot currently appearing in a Craigslist posting. How many games can you identify?   How many were you able to identify? Let us know below!
The Rare, Complete Earthbound…In The Wild!
Earthbound for the Super Nintendo is a cult classic that epitomizes 16-bit graphics in their beautiful splendor.  While not a big seller when it was released, it’s one of the more sought after games by collectors today.  Its unique packaging, though, is even more coveted as the oversized box and strategy guide were often tossed...
Nintendo Circuit Board Secrets
As gamers, we love collecting the classics. The games that came out for Atari 2600 were all about high scores.  Very rarely did you play one to beat like with Adventure, Indiana Jones, or E.T..  It was usually a 5-minute affair where you tried to rack up the most amount of points you could before you inevitably were killed....
A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Seller!
Sellers can be crazy on Craigslist.  No, not stalker-killer crazy, I mean they can sometimes cheat themselves out of lots of money by poorly describing what it is they’re selling, selling items they’ve never advertised or accepting offers much too quickly. Today, I’d like to share a story of a seller going...
A Thrift Store Out-Of-Body Experience
Reddit member Benzona was making his same typical thrift store rounds looking for retro games when, out of nowhere, he stumbles upon that once-in-a-decade find we all wish for: I’m walking past the electronics shelves when I spot a TurboVision. I thought it was odd but maybe, just maybe, there’s the TurboExpress system...
A Buyer In Need
Reddit member Haonk was making what he thought was a simple pickup on a nifty deal for a Super Nintendo bundle via Craigslist.  While the far-away neighborhood seemed a bit dodgy, all was normal as he tells it: He originally wanted $45, but through a series of texts, I haggled it down to $25. He lives about […]
The Thrill of the Hunt!
The typical retro game collector generally starts out with an old system they used to play in their childhood.  They’ll start buying more games for it than they ever had as a kid because they’re so much cheaper these days.  Soon, an entire shelf is filled and that’s when the habit really kicks in.  They […]
Wii Bundle for $140 (Plus Trade Spoils)
Wii bundles appear to be on the rise lately as John B. discovered when he purchased a Wii system with the Wii games pictured for $140 on Craigslist. Aside from some singles, this is the first big lot he’d ever found in the wild. As he describes: On Saturday night I was inspired to search […]
What’s the Most Meaningful Piece in Your Collection?
Why are you a collector?  What’s the most meaningful piece in your collection?  I recently asked members of the Denver Retro Gamers these questions and here are some of their stories. An Amazing Garage Sale Find Sparks a Lifelong Passion Jesse K. had been casually collecting for a couple of years when a Craigslist garage...