I Finally Beat ZombiU and It’s the Hidden Gem of the Wii U
In June of 2012, as we were growing closer to the launch of the Wii U, Ubisoft dropped a game announcement that had me (and many others) floored. A zombie-based survival horror game, the ZombiU trailer had me mesmerized. With a simply chilling version of “God Save The Queen” by Ronnie Oates running during a creative...
I’m a Casual RPG Fan and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blew Me Away
Well, hello again! Been a while since I’ve given an opinion on things but a side project has tabled me until today. Jinja Bobot has undergone some minor changes, will have an upgraded Twitter presence, and now we’re back to talk about… XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 2! Let’s talk about the Nintendo Direct that happened...
The 3DS Will Be Replaced by the Switch…Just Not the Switch You’re Playing Today
There’s been a lot of discussion recently about what will become of the 3DS. According to Nintendo, the 3DS will continue on separate and apart from their new console, the Nintendo Switch. However, there’s a noticeable lack of 3DS hardware in stores and sales had already started to slide last year. There’s the other...
My First Two Weeks with the Switch
It’s been quiet here at Jinja Bobot since the Nintendo Switch was released on March 3rd. Overall, I’m blown away by the hybrid console and it’s probably on pace to becoming my favorite system of all time contingent on what the game library looks like over the next few years. I’d like to take some time today...
Are Games Too Complex Or Am I Just An Old Gamer?
I’ve got some lawn chasin’, fist shakin’ things to say about a nasty little trend that seems to have gotten worst lately: Video games have gotten too complex for their own good. I’ve had a lot of complaints about where RPG’s have gone the last 5-10 years. I find that I love early RPG’s where […]
My Thoughts on Last Night’s Nintendo Switch Announcement
The night we’ve been waiting for since last October 20th finally came and we got a ton more details on the Switch and a look at many of the (80 or so) games in active development. Nintendo’s presentation was quirky, as we expected, and a little sad as it was the most stark reminder that […]
Who Pissed in Polygon’s Wheaties Over Super Mario Run?
This past week saw the release of Mario’s much-anticipated debut on mobile in Super Mario Run for iOS. For months, we’ve known we’re getting a runner-type game and in recent weeks we’ve seen a lot of looks at the game including Reggie Fils-Aime’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon. We’ve also known that the...
The Day the NES Launched on October 18th, 1985
It’s October 18th, 1985, on a chilly Autumn day in Manhattan, New York City. The mid-80’s made for an interesting time to release a video game console because there’s nothing purposeful about the date at all. Back in those days, to sell a console, Nintendo had to convince retailers to display their product in store...
This New Pokemon Sun & Moon is Really, Really Good!
Have you guys gotten the new Pokemon Sun & Moon yet? I actually bought two two-packs yesterday…pricey, yes, but that’s what happens when you have a Nintendo family with 4 people wanting to play right away! And it’s a bit of a surprise, even to myself, that I’m jumping in to Pokemon at all…...
Does The Nintendo Switch Have a Thumb Problem?
I’ve been stoked for the Nintendo Switch since the launch trailer, but one thing — and I mean just one thing — has been bothering me since the announcement: the placement of the right control stick. It looks awfully close to the buttons above it. In fact, I’m not sure how a player is supposed to casually...
Nintendo Switch Announced; Console Gaming Changes Forever
After many months of torment, Nintendo finally gave us the first glimpse of the Nintendo NX — now dubbed the Nintendo Switch. Have you seen it yet?  Here…look at it. Look: When I first saw the video this morning, I was a bit underwhelmed. After a few successive viewings though, I’m getting really excited! I...
What’s Up With Monopoly on Sega Master System?
I was browsing Craigslist last week and came across a listing for Monopoly on the Sega Master System, among a few other games. It’s an otherwise forgettable title that also happens to have one of the worst solutions to “How do we render the player’s piece going around the corners of the board?” that I’ve...
Everyone On The Planet Is Playing Pokemon Go, So Why Are Reviews So Average?
Meet Kristin. Kristin is 32 years old and heard about a new game called Pokemon Go the day it was released for her iPhone. That night, she created her character, learned the basics of the game, and then caught her first Pokemon, a Squirtle, before she went to bed. The next morning, she caught some […]
Let’s Talk About Bad Ghostbusters Trailers
The new Ghostbusters reboot has got to be the most controversial movie of the year the decade my lifetime. That’s kind of insane if you think about. But why? There seems to be a few reasons for the vitriol coming from all around the Internet. Initially, the most vocal objections were over there being a female cast. The
Game Reviewers Have No Idea When It Comes to Chess
I was at Best Buy the other day checking out the PS4 game selection because I still only have the one physical game for my system, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Several games were discounted to $20, including Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, which I had in my hands for several minutes. Ultimately, I went with […]
WHICH IS BEST? Ranking the Mega Man Games on NES
A few months ago, I got the Mega Man Legacy Collection (the one with the shoddy packaging), and for the past few weeks I’ve finally gotten to playing them all consecutively. If I recall correctly, I played the original Mega Man and quite possibly that was it until a few years ago. That’s when I bought […]
I Regret Not Finishing Bravely Default
CAUTION: This article contains spoilers. If you’ve never completely played through Bravely Default, you’ve been warned. Today, I want to tell you a story about Bravely Default. And no, not the new sequel, End Layer, but the first one. Just over 2 years ago, Square Enix released Bravely Default in North America (a Nintendo...
Gaming’s Best and Worst Hardware Quirks You May Not Have Known About
We’ve seen 40 years of home gaming hardware and, with each new system, there’s always some wrinkle of innovation to discover. Sometimes, those innovations are obvious and ingenius such as Sony’s Dual Shock controller design. (It’s still incredible to think that it was a controller evolution and not part of the...
What Does Today’s NX News Mean for Nintendo?
Today, we all woke up to an avalanche of news from Nintendo, among it being that the Nintendo NX will be released in March 2017. This is both exciting and shocking at the same time. It’s real. And…IT’S REAL! Let’s break down all the news and what this means over the next 11 months. The NX is […]
Nintendo Should Up Price on NX; Go Full Retro
We’re hearing a lot of Nintendo NX rumors lately. A lot of rumors. I mean, a LOT OF RUMORS. Much of it’s merely speculation such as “It will be as powerful as a PS4.” No, really? They’re going to make it as powerful as a 2+ year old console? No kidding? Personally, I think aside […]