HYPERKIN FOLLOWUP: Will My New SupaBoy Work?
Last month I published a scathing article about Hyperkin’s product quality.  One of the reasons I gave to support the claim was my personal experience with the company in regards to my SupaBoy which had an infamous design flaw in regards to the D-pad.  (One that’s made it into at least the third revision of the […]
Really…How Great Is Earthbound, Really? It’s Really, Really Great!
Earthbound was released for the Super Nintendo in June, 1995, and I never knew about it.  It’s not surprising, I was very much into strategy, action, and (gasp!) sports games back then.  I didn’t even hear about Earthbound until around 2003 when I finally did some research on who this strange Ness character was in Smash...
Top 10 Variations to Look Out For While Game Hunting
When you’re game chasing, it can often be tough to figure out which games are valuable and which aren’t.  Games like Walk It Out and Dokapon Kingdom wouldn’t normally strike you as valuable after all. To make things even trickier, sometimes subtle variations can turn a normally common item into a rare and valuable...
Local Game Meetups Are a Collector’s Best Friend
Ten years ago you could walk into a used game shop and buy a box of NES games for a buck each.  Five years ago you could still find great deals on SNES bundles on eBay if you kept a casual eye on newly listed items. Today, with flea markets drying up and even Craigslist sellers […]
Why You’ll Never Be Able to Collect Every NES Game
If you’re in your 30’s or early 40’s, chances are that you grew up playing the Nintendo Entertainment System, the beloved first console released by Nintendo.  It’s, in a word, classic.  And now that you’re a full-fledged adult with a bunch of disposable income to drop on old video games, you probably...
Top 10 Interesting Facts Learned From VGChartz
The website VGChartz is a sales tracker for gaming hardware and software.  Their numbers are partly based on historical numerics as well as estimations.  I won’t say that the numbers are therefore completely accurate, but they’re close enough to have some fun with.  Plus, historical data is accurate, and that’s what...
Why Doesn’t the Wii U Have a Damn Baseball Game?
It’s an absolutely befuddling incompetence by so many parties at one time: the Wii U doesn’t have a single baseball game! How does this happen for a 2-year-old console?  Sure, sales for Nintendo’s current-gen system are behind both the PS4 and (barely) XBox One, but come on…we’re still talking about an...
Hyperkin’s Smart Boy Will Suck
On March 31st, in what was initially thought to be an April Fools’ prank, Hyperkin announced it’d begun work on the Smart Boy, a phone accessory for the iPhone 6 Plus that turns the phone into a Game Boy. You still use the classic, gray cartridges to play a game, but the phone becomes the screen with the […]
The Denver Virtual Boy Players?
On Tuesday evening, the Denver Retro Gamers Facebook group (requires approval) changed into the Denver Virtual Boy Players.  Either this is a new and stunning show of passion for the failed Gameboy successor…or quite the April Fool’s prank!  The cover photo has changed and members are posting pictures of them playing the...
Google April Fools’ Joke Lets You Play Pac-Man on Google Maps
Google has outdone themselves again for April Fools’ Day.  Go to Google Maps right now and visit any interesting location you want.  At the bottom left, a new Pac-Man view icon lets you play the game right in the streets! As a software developer, I find this mind-blowing.  That’s not easy to do to line up the dots...
The New Zelda for Wii U Delayed Til 2016
Legend of Zelda Producer, Eiji Aonuma, has just announced that the new yet-unnamed Zelda game for the Wii U will undoubtedly come out in 2016 and not this year. This isn’t a surprise considering we’ve only seen a tiny shred of the game so far.  By now, usually the gaming community would’ve seen a lot more […]
The Ending to Super Ghouls and Ghosts is Awful
Do you think a bad ending can ruin an otherwise good game?  I do.  Ever play Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch?  My whole family is a bunch of raving mad Studio Ghibli fans and when Ni No Kuni came out we jumped on this RPG.  I took the controls as my wife and kids […]
Why Did The TurboGrafx-16 REALLY Flop?
In 1989, NEC released the TurboGrafx-16. Nowadays, it’s becoming a sweetheart for game collectors who, for the most part, are playing it for the first time in their lives. Back then, when you were trying to decide if you should buy it, most people passed on it because you couldn’t find anybody else who had […]
Identifying a Scam on Craigslist
Among the best places to find great deals on games is Craigslist, the online flea market that focuses on facilitating local, in-person transactions.  Some of my best collection pieces came from great deals with strangers that lived within 10 minutes of my home.  Alas, as usual, scammers are out to ruin the fun for everybody....
My Thoughts on the Majora’s Mask 3DS Remake
For the last many years I’d always say to whoever would listen that Majora’s Mask was the only Zelda-series game that I’ve never beaten.  Yes, I’d played it in the early 2000’s but my only feint memories of it were a little confusion, a strange clock system, and a general disinterest.  While the iconic...
Play the Old DOS Classics with DOSBox
When I was a kid, my friend Phillip and I spent hours on his father’s computer playing old Sierra games.  King’s Quest and Leisure Suit Larry were our favorites even if I’m still not sure why we were allowed to play the latter.  When I got my own PC, a Tandy with the premium 20MB hard drive […]
Are Some Games Too Embarrassing to Buy?
Recently I was at a 2nd and Charles perusing the used game section when I came upon Catherine.  If you’re not familiar, this is a well respected puzzle-platformer that I heard about on an episode of the Completionist.  Priced at $10, I was tempted to pick it up, but hesitated because…well…I mean, just look at the...
Is GameStop Helping or Hurting the Game Industry?
GameStop is the dominant video game retail shop in America today.  While big box stores like Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart still offer somewhat decently-sized gaming sections, GameStop is the only large retail chain devoted to it.  They rose to power on a business model featuring used game sales over all else.  To this day,
Bayonetta 2 is the Best Video Game of All Time
It’s the 2014 Game of the Year according to Destructoid, EDGE Magazine, and even AbleGamers.  It received a rare perfect score from GameSpot and Guardian.  Its lead character is a hyper-sexualized female who moans, cusses and literally rips her enemies into pieces through the entire game. Still, it was so desired by Nintendo...
The Top 5 Best Games I Played In 2014
While 2014 wasn’t the best year for video games, it was a spectacular one if you’re a Nintendo fanboy like myself.  I got to play some amazing games across the platforms I play most: Wii U, 3DS, PSP, Mac, and iPhone.  I picked out my five favorites and it was definitely not easy. Before we begin, take […]