WAGY Podcast #13: Hyperkin Discussion
Hyperkin is a company that makes all kinds of accessories for most of the big name consoles old and new from SNES controllers to 3DS chargers and everything in between. They also make clone consoles such as the Retron series and the Supaboy. Hiram and Andrew discuss their thoughts on their build quality, legal troubles, […]
WAGY Podcast #12: Video Game Music
Video game music can sometimes make the difference between an alright game and an amazing game. In this episode Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman discuss some of their favorite video game music, the next #WAGYSwagy giveaway gets announced, and much more! Subscribe on iTunes, follow on Twitter @WAGYPodcast, check them out on Facebook, and...
WAGY Podcast #11: We Love Indie Games!
Get ready to take notes while Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman discuss their love for Indie Games and Developers! They talk about everything from where Indie Games got their start to where they’re heading next all the while recommending dozens of games you should check out! Also discussed is how they met, favorite genres, and...
WAGY Podcast #10: Nintendo Direct Impressions
Nintendo released their latest Nintendo Direct video on August 1st. Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman discuss their excitement for Lucas in Super Smash Bros., who they’d vote for in the Smash Ballot, impressions on all the announced games, DLC, and more! And let’s not forget –  the winner of the CIB PS2 Slim Giveaway...
WAGY Podcast #9: Bloodborne v. Simplified Modern Gaming
Video game collecting has become so popular that some games have become fairly valuable. Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman discuss some of the games they regret missing out on or have sold. They also discuss how modern gaming has become less difficult with some exceptions, Andrew recently picked up Bloodborne on PS4 and gives his...
WAGY Podcast #8: Nintendo Goes Mobile, Good or Bad?
Nintendo recently announced the code name for their next console and that they are going to get into mobile gaming. Are they moving into the right direction or making a huge mistake? Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman discuss their take on this news along with their thoughts on the Vita and more! Subscribe on iTunes, […]
WAGY Podcast #7: PS2 Giveaway and Zelda Love
WAGY is now available on iTunes! To celebrate we’re giving away a Complete in Box PS2 Slim! To enter subscribe on iTunes, leave a rating, and then send out a Tweet with #WAGYcontest to let all your friends know about us! Also in this episode: Worst controllers ever made, our top 5 favorite Zelda games […]
WAGY Podcast #6: Sequel Crazy
Do you picture yourself on a deserted island with only 5 games and 1 console? What games do you think shouldn’t have gotten sequels? How about games that should, or perhaps remakes? This week WAGY Podcast tackles these questions and more! Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman comin atcha in the 6th episode of the We […]
WAGY Podcast #5: Digital vs Physical and the Morality of Pirating Video Games
Do you have the space to hold a huge physical collection? Or do you prefer the convenience of a purely digital collection? Where do your morals stand when it comes to pirating old video games? Check out their thoughts on this, answers to your Twitter questions, and much more! Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman chat […]
WAGY Podcast #4: Games On Our Backlog
Do you have any games that’s you’ve been meaning to play? How about games you’ve started but haven’t gotten around to finishing? Everyone that loves video games has one – in this episode they discuss what games are on their backlogs! Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman chat it up in the 5th episode of the...
WAGY Podcast #3: Guilty-Pleasure Games
In this episode they answer hard hitting questions such as, “Pants, or no pants?” Also discussed are guilty-pleasure games, the fall of single player campaigns and rise of multiplayer in modern games, “always on” video games, and much more! Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman chat it up in the 5th episode of the We...
WAGY Podcast #2: The Console Wars and Fanboys
Have you ever sold off anything you regret getting rid of from your collection? What were your grandma’s rules when you were at her house? Did Sega do what Nintendon’t? Hiram and Andrew discuss this, fan boys, some of the pitfalls of modern gaming and much more in this, the second episode! Hiram Yates and […]
WAGY Podcast #1: Childhood Consoles and Games
Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman debut the “We Ain’t Gettin’ Younger” Podcast on Jinja Bobot!  What’s the story behind your first home console?  What are some of the memorable games of your childhood?  Did Nintendo make a mistake launching the New 3DS post-holiday? How good is your mom at Tetris?...