WAGY Podcast #10: Nintendo Direct Impressions

Nintendo released their latest Nintendo Direct video on August 1st. Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman discuss their excitement for Lucas in Super Smash Bros., who they’d vote for in the Smash Ballot, impressions on all the announced games, DLC, and more! And let’s not forget –  the winner of the CIB PS2 Slim Giveaway is decided, congratulations to @darklands23!

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Music sampled from “Chipwrecked” created by Rainbowdragoneyes and used under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 3.0. Entire track can be found here.

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WAGY Podcast
Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman discuss all things video game related from childhood memories to modern gaming and everything in between!

2 thoughts on “WAGY Podcast #10: Nintendo Direct Impressions

  1. You mention Mother 3 is better than Earthbound. Someone is selling a “Fan Translation” GBA cart here in Denver locally. I’m interested…if I get a good price on it ($25?) is it worth getting? Any differences in carts/labels I should be aware of?

  2. Around $20+shipping is the best price I’ve seen: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Game-card-Mother-3-USA-version-English-language-Free-Shipping/1782950983.html

    As far as variants go, since this isn’t an official game, there can be HUGE differences between carts, even from the same run. There’s not really anything to look out for other than you want the one with the english patch, preferably 1.2 if they specify as it’s the latest version. (That link I provided is for 1.2)

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