What’s Up With Monopoly on Sega Master System?

I was browsing Craigslist last week and came across a listing for Monopoly on the Sega Master System, among a few other games. It’s an otherwise forgettable title that also happens to have one of the worst solutions to “How do we render the player’s piece going around the corners of the board?” that I’ve seen. (See 1:29 here.) But what caught my attention was something else in the listing. Do you see it?

Ummmm? What’s that again?

Catch it? Take a look at the cartridge. The game is titled Mono Poly! As in two words. As in the Latin for “single” and the Latin for “many”, which is pretty funny if you think about it. (Though really that’s what a monopoly is, so it makes sense!)

How on earth do you butcher the name so badly? Now, I’ve called out misspellings in the past with games misspelling their own name, but that could be attributed to the fact the games got named late in the cycle and the print department screwed up. Monopoly, though? That games has been around for the entire lifetime of anyone who was involved in getting that name transcribed onto the cart. How do you screw that up? And they didn’t just accidentally typo an extra space in there. They capitalized the P! That’s no accident. And how did it get past Parker Brothers? Surely they did a final sign off on the whole package, no?

Interestingly, the screw up was fixed in later printings of the game.

Congrats, Se Ga.

There doesn’t seem to be any perceptible price difference between the two carts, so don’t get too excited if you find one. Surely, though, the older cart has the much better story attached to it.

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