Wii Bundle for $140 (Plus Trade Spoils)

Wii bundles appear to be on the rise lately as John B. discovered when he purchased a Wii system with the Wii games pictured for $140 on Craigslist. Aside from some singles, this is the first big lot he’d ever found in the wild. As he describes:

On Saturday night I was inspired to search out and collect the entire Fire Emblem series after I heard a local club member asking if anyone had the GBA games.  Not 12 hours later, a Wii bundle appears on Craigslist and, lo and behold, Radiant Dawn is in the lot!  He was asking $140 and so I immediately replied that I’d meet his price.  I spent some time investigating the values of the other games and was waffling on my decision until I realized that the relatively obscure party game Dokapon Kingdom retails for about $45.  Most of the games were doubles, but I decided if I resold them and the Wii system I could end up with a fairly cheap Fire Emblem game at the very least.

Reselling pieces of a bundle is a common practice amongst collectors when their collections get so big that buying single games to fill in holes becomes too expensive a proposition.  Bigger bundles are better deals and, though re-selling doubles becomes more work, you can often get much of your money back and be left with cheap singles as a result.  Progress is slow, but it’s the only way to move forward when you already have so much.


In addition to the two big titles, John was eager to get Geometry Wars, Umbrella Chronicles, and Worms. The three TurboGrafx games below were part of a separate trade for Demon’s Crest.


John continues:

When I met up with the seller later that day, he was extremely nice and said he was selling the system because he didn’t play it anymore. (He was a med student.) He noted that several people had asked about buying Dokapon Kingdom and Radiant Dawn only.  It was a good deal for him to sell everything to one person (me!), obviously.  All the games were in excellent condition and well-cared for and I’d have had no chance if I was one of many merely trying to pick out the glamour games.

Wii games seem to be picking up in value probably because the Wii U is gaining momentum and they are backwards compatible.  I was able to resell several games and package a couple with the Wii and just about get my $140 back!  I decided to keep Dokapon Kingdom after all as it looks to be a deep, RPG-like party game worth playing.  I was also stoked to finally have that Geometry Wars game and a few others.  I have a huge Wii collection, so it’s not every day I can add a half-dozen games to it…let alone Radiant Dawn! I have a lot of Wii playtime ahead!

The lesson here is to buy big and be willing to put in the work if you want to land a good Craigslist deal.  Sellers don’t want to have 10 strangers come to their house, they want one person.  Also, make your offer stand out by offering the asking price or more!  It’s an easy way to get to the front of the line and make the seller happy all at once.

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