You Won’t Believe How Beautiful a Full Wii Collection Looks!

I’ve always regarded Wii game collecting as an ugly venture because of the stark-white cases and lack of color it adds to a game room. (Though it’s still better than the putrid appearance of a full PS1 collection.) I was proven wrong by Reddit member NintendoTwizer who not only collects for the Wii but actually completed his collection this week and — I have to admit — it looks amazing!

Full view of this majestic Wii collection. I have to admit, this tempts me to start one of my own!

Full view of this majestic Wii collection. I have to admit, this tempts me to start one of my own!

He explains his fascination with the Wii game library:

First off, why the Wii? The Wii is a fascinating system. It sold over 100,000,000 units. It was an insane success for Nintendo. No other Nintendo home system, including the original NES, could touch it in sales. Think about that! Everyone had one (including my grandma). For me, I felt it would be an interesting challenge. The Wii was unexplored territory. Not many people have gone for a complete set. Yes, I can hear it now… so much shovel-ware! To that I say sure, but there’s a ton of great games, too! The crappy games tell an interesting story as well. I don’t know how many times I came across a random Wii game and said to myself… “what the hell, they made this for the system?”. That was part of the fun. I personally had never collected for a system this new. Go into any Walmart and you will still see a few Wii games on the shelf. I also had never collected for a set that had soooo many games. With a 1,000+ unique titles. This set is four times the size of the N64 set.

NintendoTwizer‘s complete set consists of 1,262 games. Instead of fighting the overbearing white color, he embraced it with white shelving and white accent lighting. The Wii’s alternate system colors and Wiimotes are leverages to make these shelves pop as well! Nunchucks are excluded as they would be gruesome to display anyway. The Wii doesn’t have very many pricey games, but even then he doesn’t seem to favor featuring those in the middle section. Instead, we see the most interesting titles such as the offbeat Jerry Rice and Nitus’ Dog Football. This accentuates his belief as to why Wii collecting is so fun — all the goofy games you didn’t even know existed!

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Thank you to NintendoTwizer for granting me permission to re-publish his story for Jinja Bobot. You can find the full set of his published images here.


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