Buying the Big Lot Nabs NES/SNES/N64 for $300

John B. checked Craigslist one last time before heading out for lunch with the family on Valentine’s Day.  He saw an ad selling NES games for $5 each, SNES for $7, and N64 for $9 and sirens went off!

Whenever you see someone selling games at a flat price per cart, especially a low price, your first instinct should be to find the most valuable games as fast as you can.  If you’re at a flea market, it means scanning titles quickly before someone else notices.  When it’s online, though, what I like to do is contact the seller and immediately offer to buy everything!  I then use the time waiting for a response to look through the pictures or game list and see if the deal makes sense.  Even if they say yes, you can always back out.

Sellers prefer to sell to just one person.  Having multiple people stop by your house over the span of a day is not ideal and terrible to schedule.  Not only will you get a better deal buying it all (presuming it’s worth it), but if someone offers to buy just a few specific games they will usually be rebuffed.

I also asked the seller to send better pics of the SNES titles and, yeah, when I saw Demon’s Crest the deal was sealed.

In the end, both John and the seller won because, had the better titles in the lot been picked clean, the seller would not have gotten $300 for the rest.  And what a lot it is!  John kept what he needed then passed on some great deals to his buddies for the things they needed.  In the end, he got his money back (plus a little extra) and helped out some fellow collectors!

The lot John got for $300 was chock full of great and valuable games!

The lot John got for $300 was chock full of great and valuable games!

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About John Blanco

John Blanco is an avid game collector and loves to write about his hobby as much as he participates in it. He run the Denver Retro Gamers Facebook group in Denver, Colorado, and coordinates swap-style meetups with dozens of other collectors every couple of months.

One thought on “Buying the Big Lot Nabs NES/SNES/N64 for $300

  1. There is so much win in this picture. I agree that buying everything instead of cherry picking is the better thing. I ran into a guy last week before Valentine’s Day selling off about 8 tubs of stuff and I made that mistake of cherry picking 1 tub full of the best stuff. That guy will probably never contact me again since I didn’t just get it all. Great haul!

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