I’m a Casual RPG Fan and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Blew Me Away

Well, hello again! Been a while since I’ve given an opinion on things but a side project has tabled me until today. Jinja Bobot has undergone some minor changes, will have an upgraded Twitter presence, and now we’re back to talk about…

Let’s talk about the Nintendo Direct that happened this morning. Quite frankly, I was floored! I went into it curious if they’d improve their presentation of the game after the awful 15-minute battle system boredom from a couple months ago. I was planning on fully finishing Super Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem Warriors before picking up Skyrim on Nov. 17th, a game I’ve never played before. (I know.) Instead, I walked away scrapping my Skyrim plans and instead I’ll be starting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Day 1. In fact, I’ll even take the morning off work to get a good jump on things!

Story & Concept

The thing that leaps out at you are the wealth of colorful characters and their weapons which have human personas! You not only travel with your weapon as if it was a sidekick, but you can send your weapons (referred to as “blades”) on their own missions which net you experience and items while you sit on the couch!

Ah, the life!

The world looks huge, environmental effects give you different things to do at different times, and there’s gonna be a toooon of grinding…which I love. The game looks beautiful and there’s plenty of story to go around. This is another 100-hour adventure we’re looking at for sure.

Battle System

The battle system is probably going to be complicated as the original was, but it’s expected it will roll out slowly again and I think the explanation they gave today was easier to follow. I only played 15 hours of the original Wii game, but my advice is to grind a lot early and experiment with the battling options so you can figure it all out before you move on to tougher enemies.

Take. Your. Time. There’s going to be so much to do, and so much to learn, just take the story slowly. Grind. Search for side quests. Do all that as you go so you’re ready when the challenge gets tougher.

Characters are seen with their current level clearly shown over their head. It’s much better than the original where the text was lighter and harder to read from a distance. It’s all designed to give you clear indicators of who you should engage and not engage and what direction you should be going.

Bonus Goodies

Your main blade in the game, Poppi, is designed to be even more expressive and flexible than the others. In turn, you can improve the capability of the blade by playing a…retro game? That’s right! There is a special retro-style game within the game which to me is, oh…man.

There will be tons of main quests and side quests, of course, and they’ve already announced DLC that will add a lot more, an expanded mainline story, and it all culminates in a brand new story in about a year ala Breath of the Wild. Speaking of…Breath of the Wild will get an update on 11/9 to give you the costume of Rex, the main character, and a side quest to go with it! So now I have an excuse to bang out a few (dozen) more hours in Hyrule…yessss…

Plus, if you are really hot for this game, there’s a custom Switch Pro Controller as well as a larger Special Edition that will be available!

If you like this sort of thing...

If you like this sort of thing…

Xenoblade is Go!

It’s already happened. Skyrim will wait til 2018. I can’t wait for Xenoblade! What did you think of the Direct? Leave your comments below!

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