Me and You and Everyone We Know

Tonight, why not check out one of 2005’s most critically acclaimed comedies dealing with life and love in the modern age, Me and You and Everyone We Know.  This film explores prevailing nuances that taint connections and build walls around relationships.  There are many sub plots but the main focus is around Richard (John Hawkes) and Christine (Miranda July) whom have an awkward meeting when Christine tries to buy shoes from Richard, whom is both the shoe salesman and recently separated father of two.  As the film progresses the spotlight meanders through secondary characters and their relationships from the romantic to the perverted.  The film can be uncomfortable at times but ultimately leaves viewers with a sense of well being.

This is Miranda July’s first feature in which she wrote, directed and starred in the film.  You get a feel for her immense talent as the plot, dialog and characters are mesmerizing.  All are executed beautifully and come together artfully in the end.  The film exposes the day to day scuffles with sex, love and relationships in contemporary American Society for all ages.  One not to be missed, Roger Ebert proclaimed it to be the fifth best film of the decade and it also won the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

Me and You and Everyone We Know is available now on Netflix.

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