The Rare, Complete Earthbound…In The Wild!

Earthbound for the Super Nintendo is a cult classic that epitomizes 16-bit graphics in their beautiful splendor.  While not a big seller when it was released, it’s one of the more sought after games by collectors today.  Its unique packaging, though, is even more coveted as the oversized box and strategy guide were often tossed away for storage reasons. These days, a complete version will run you at least $500 on eBay which is likely the only place you’re going to find it anymore.

Reddit user, rtscaptain, recently found it by…more surprising means.  As he tells the story:

So I recently found myself stuck at the Maui airport for 10 hours waiting for a flight. To kill time, I decide to walk into the town and look around when I come across a little comic book shop that had a few games and some action figures.

So, I start talking to the owner and that’s when I notice a boxed copy of Earthbound hidden in the back of his display case. You miss all the shots you don’t take, so I casually ask him if he was planning on selling it. Surprisingly, he says he hadn’t thought about it but would be willing to part with it. He tells me he paid a lot for it so he couldn’t let it go for too cheap. We look at it for a bit and that’s when I ask him how much he would be willing to sell it for.

To which he replies…$100.

I do my very best to keep my cool and calmly respond that I’ll take it. Once he runs my credit card we shake hands and I take off feeling a little bit guilty. I start to shake after I get out of the store. I still can’t believe that I found this in the wild and for such a great price!

It’s next to impossible to find an Earthbound cartridge in the wild, let alone complete in its box.  This particular one is a bit beat up, but for $100 that is a BEAUTY!  It really does pay to ask.  You never know when you get an offer you’d never expect.

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Thank you to rtscaptain for granting me permission to re-publish his story for Jinja Bobot.

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