WAGY Podcast #35: Star Wars Battlefront Beta

This week, Hiram Yates and Andrew Counterman sit down and discuss the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta event. Is it as good as it looks? Can Stormtroopers actually hit anything in this game? Is one of the biggest releases of the year going to live up to the hype from Star Wars fans? We also discuss a few Twitter questions about the future of 2-D Mario games and genres we don’t really enjoy.

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Intro/Outro Music: “Broken Turbos” composed by Bryan Richards (C) 2015

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WAGY Podcast
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One thought on “WAGY Podcast #35: Star Wars Battlefront Beta

  1. Ironically, Super Mario Bros. 3 conspicuously lacked midway checkpoints, after they had been introduced in the first Super Mario Bros.

    In SMB1, aside from warp zones, the player has to go through the levels in order, so the checkpoints help move the player along the sequence. But in 3, since they added the overworld map with branching options for progressing through, it was more in keeping to always send the player back to the overworld after ending in a level (whether successfully or not) to choose where to start off next. Plus there are enough other ways to get past or through levels, like the cloud and P-wing powerups and the maps usually allowing a way around non-castle levels, that provide compensation for having to get through entire levels. Super Mario World has both, but that can be too easy!

    My name is pronounced like FLOSS-burger.

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