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So, you’re collecting Amiibo and you’re missing a few of the tougher ones and waiting for them to become available online when, BAM, King DeDeDe is available on Amazon and…NOPEsorry!  You took too long!  You had a 4-minute window and you missed it!  You have to be faster next time!

How are all these people buying these things so quickly?!

There are actually several websites and apps dedicated to checking online stock availability, but my favorite is one called NowInStock.net and I’m going to teach you how to use it.

Step #1: Register!

The first thing you’ll need to do is register an account.  No worries, it’s FREE!  You can register here. Then log in.  Once you’re done, NowInStock can remember what items you want to keep a watch out for.  Let’s learn how to do that.

Step #2: Decide What You Want To Track

The best way to add some items to your tracking list is to look at one of the pre-fabricated lists NowInStock makes available.  The menu at the top includes “Product Trackers” and provides a list of these.  There’s a list of Majora’s Mask Limited Edition 3DS’s, but good luck with that one! (Not gonna happen.)  For the purposes of this article, choose the Amiibos list. You can then pick between the Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario Bros. series’. Pick whichever one you’re most interested in at the moment.  Here’s what the Super Smash Bros. line looks like:


Hey look, Bowser is available everywhere!

Hey look, Bowser is available everywhere!


The reason we look at this is because we can easily choose the items we want to track from here.  So, let’s say we really need that pesky Captain Falcon!  On the left, find and click “Add/Manage Items”:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.13.18 PM

Now, you can choose which items to track.  The ones you’re not currently tracking will show green “Add Item” buttons.  Here’s Captain Falcon:

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 8.15.21 PM


Tap all of them and you’re tracking the F-Zero hero!  That was easy!  If you want to track something else not on one of these NowInStock lists, you can still do that, too.

Step #3: Browser Alerts

OK, we’re tracking Captain Falcon.  Now what?  Well, while I work throughout the day I like to keep a browser tab open to the Browser Alerts feature.  This page will fire off a sound alarm when one of your items becomes available, allowing you to concentrate on what you’re working on without refreshing a page over and over to check!  Sweet. (Be careful, this alarm will create a Pavlovian response after just a couple soundings!)

Here’s what my page looks like right now:

How sad.

How sad.

Nothing in stock!  Oh, the life of the Amiibo hunter!  Well, keep this tab open and when one of these sweet, sweet Amiibos becomes available for order (or preorder), an alarm will sound. WHEEERRRRRR!!!!!!! To get the alarm to sound, I recommend these settings that appear on the left side of the page:

Use the alarm, but avoid the alert.

Use the alarm, but avoid the alert.

Both of your alarms should be set to on, but make sure to turn off the alerts.  While an alert can be useful if you have your computer’s sound off, it’s actually a detriment otherwise.  What it does is post an alert dialog every 30 seconds (the refresh rate the page uses) and what will happen is that while you’re trying to order your Amiibo very quickly it will keep taking you away from the order tab!  So, turn it off.  If you absolutely must have your sound off, turn them on, but make sure to close the NowInStock tab as soon as you can so it won’t interfere with your frantic ordering. :-)

Step #4: Strategy

Like I said, the basic strategy is to keep a browser tab open to Browser Alerts at all times.  Make sure your sound is on!  If you’re going to be in another room, turn the sound up nice and high so you can hear it from far away!  My experience has been that early-morning and mid-to-late afternoon are the most common stocking times.  Avoid activities that might take you away from your computer such as showering, spending time with your kids, or going outside.  These will only prevent you from being able to order that Captain Falcon! (And that’s what’s really important, right?)

You may also configure SMS or email alerts via NowInStock, too, but keep in mind these often come too late (especially SMS) and you shouldn’t depend on them.  Definitely sign up for the email alerts as a backup plan, though.

I hope this helps you find the Amiibo you’re looking for.  Like I said, there are other sites and apps that do this as well, but from my experience this is one of the better ones and free as well so it’s hard to beat!

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